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About Us

FLY TIP INVESTMENT NETWORK is a platform that connects entrepreneurs that are seeking business funding and investors looking for investment opportunities.

To Investors

  • Finding secure investment opportunies can be difficult process but our entity offers you access to a thousand of business proposals and projects from entreprenuers in our database.
  • We aslo give you an opportunity to invest with the projects that Fly Tip Investment Network administers eg mining, auctions and many more.
  • We also cater for international investors who are looking for private opportunities in Zimbabwe.
  • Fly Tip Investment Network is a portal created to help you find business and private investment opportunity.

How Does it Work
1. The company researches on projects that are viable, that yield high returns. We also allow enteprenuers to submit thier proposals and business projects.

2. The system filters these projects to avoid bad investment deals
3. We then give you a platform to invest in any of these projects.
4. The entity will be hands on every project on behalf of the investor, the investor will be given updates on how thier investment
s is going.
5. Every investments deal has been wired to yield 25% profile each month for the investor
6. Every intrested investor must register, and all the investment contracts are three months.(short term investments with high returns)


  • Many entrepreneurs have no idea where to start thier search for capital, but our entity facilitates funding through its investors seeking investment opportunities in Zimbabwe.
  • Our large database makes this a perfect place to find the funding your need for your business.

HOW IT WORKS (to entrepreneurs)

1. Construct a proposal and send it on our email or submit it at our offices

2. The proposal is evaluated by our team

3. If approved funding is provided.

4. Every entrepreneur must be registered with us.

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