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...............Fly Tip Investment Network Welcomes You..... Connecting Zimbabwean entrepreneurs and investors..............

FLY TIP INVESTMENT NETWORK is a platform that connects entrepreneurs that are seeking business funding and investors looking for investment opportunities in Zimbabwe.
Our Funding Source Facilitators range from our Internal Company Funds, Donour funds, Private Trust Funds, Hedge Funds, Private Wealth Groups, Private Investment Societies, Long Time Funding Underwriters. For more information about how we work please feel free to contact us or click here......

Fly Tip Investment Network Contact Details

Physical Address
20 ST Lucia Drive
Marlborough East

Telephone number:
+263715769999 / +263771375010

8283 R.G Mugabe way
Pelhams Building
Office i and j

Telephone number:
+263 771 357 739 / +263 771 357 738


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